A massively-multiplayer world where you can collect, craft, build, and trade with others. Supporting Solana and Ethereum.

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The Biomes World

Biomes takes place in a single, shared voxel world made up of different types of resources such as stone, dirt, gold and diamond. Resources can be used to shape and build the environment, as ingredients in wearables and as materials for crafting tools and other important in-game items. Resources can easily be moved to the blockchain for safe keeping or trading. Biomes will support hundreds of thousands of concurrent players all in one world, building and interacting with each other.

User Generated Tokens (UGTs) and Royalties

Creators in Biomes can group structures together to create their own unique non-fungible tokens that we call User Generated Tokens (UGTs). Like NFTs, UGTs live on the blockchain and are one-of-a-kind. Unlike traditional NFTs however, there is no bulk sale or initial mint. Each build that a creator puts on the blockchain is entirely unique. These UGTs can be traded, sold and bought on marketplaces such as MagicEden and OpenSea and creators collect royalties on every primary and secondary sale.

Token-backed Resources

All resources in Biomes, such as dirt, gold, diamond, tools, and other craftable items are backed by tokens (i.e. BGOLD) that can be moved onto the Solana or Ethereum blockchain for safe keeping or easy trading.

Social and Players

All players of Biomes live together on a single, shared world. We will support hundreds of thousands of players who can all be connected through a social graph similar to that of Instagram or Snapchat. Find and follow close friends or great creators and engage with them through likes and comments on their photos and structures or through public and private chat.


Photography is fundamental to Biomes — everybody starts with the B-01 Camera in their inventory. The camera is a richer version of a mobile phone camera — when you snap a photo of people and creations they are automatically tagged and notified. Those photos end up in a personal feed and can be viewed by other Biomes users. Photo takers can optionally enable warping to the photo's location. To warp, players pay a small fee and creators receive a royalty every time someone uses their photo to warp.


The world of Biomes features different types of land — public land, national parks and private ownership. During our alpha phase all of our land will be public and free to mine or destroy. As we move out of alpha we will be introducing a ‘flag’ item that allows users to claim parts of the world, converting a plot into a non-fungible token (NFT) which can be traded on the blockchain. Owning land allows you to set permissions for building and ties into other community features.


It is early days for Biomes. We are beginning our Alpha test in the first half of 2022 with a full release to follow based on the feedback we gather.

As we move into limited alpha we have a few huge things on our plate:

  • Land ownership
  • Fully customizable NFT wearables
  • More challenges
  • Animals
  • Communities/Guilds
  • PVP
  • Improved trading and marketplace support
  • World expansion with new biomes
  • New building tools to enable more creativity

Biomes is an ambitious project and we know we won't get everything right without your feedback — we invite the community to come along for our journey and strive give them power in doing so.


Biomes is being developed by Global Illumination, Inc., a New York-based company backed by top tier investors with alumni from Instagram, Riot, Pixar, Facebook and YouTube.

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— The Biomes / Global Illumination Team